DrugFreeLex Membership

DrugFreeLex relies on partnerships within the community to function. We are always interested in working with individuals and organizations to reach the common goal of reducing the impact of substance use in Lexington/Fayette County. 

There are many ways to be involved:

  1. Updates Only:  Follow us on our website and social media pages for updates about board activities and events in the community.  No action is necessary to become this type of member.  Just click the like/follow buttons on our social media pages and check our website for updates.  To find us, search for DrugFreeLex and look for our logo.
  2. General Member: This level of membership is open to anyone in the community.  You are welcome to attend as many events and meetings as you are able and get involved with the subcommittees/projects that are the most meaningful to you.  This level of membership has no term limit.  You can become a general member at any time.
  3. Voting Membership: This level of membership is more strictly controlled by our Board By-Laws. At this level, members take on an active leadership role and may vote on official board business (members at other levels may provide input on these decisions, but are not allowed a formal vote). These members are required to attend all meetings and participate in at least one committee and have 3 year term limits (after which members may revert to one of the other membership types if desired).  New members in this category will only be taken when a seat is vacant.

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