DrugFreeLex September Meeting Minutes

Full Board Meeting Minutes

September 18, 2018

Meeting Time:

Meetings will move to mornings to accommodate schedules and trim meeting costs (freeing up money for other projects).  Members are fresh in the mornings, there is less stress during the day if we are not asking you to leave in the middle of your work day.

At the September meeting, we decided on the 3rd Tuesday of every month.  (For November, this would be the Tuesday before Thanksgiving.  Emily will be sending out a poll to get opinions on this since many people travel/take time off around holidays).

Approved FY 2019 Projects.

  • NEP – purchase of new containers
  • Stigma reduction – rolled over from last year. Meeting w/ stigma experts to determine messaging and media to reduce stigma surrounding NEP in our community
  • Global Lex – hiring interpreters to translate substance use information.  Alcohol and tobacco focus plus what to be concerned about on the street.  DFL is providing financial support for this project but please be thinking about other ways we might be able to contribute and strengthen our partnership with Global Lex and the community they serve.
  •   Keep It Real: Focusing on Juul. Decided to move away from peer to peer and train adults (teachers, school admin, parents etc) to be able to guide future peer to peer projects.  Will design a short PSA targeting mothers to provide information about Juul (link to campaign for tobacco free kids)  **Tobacco & Marijuana Committee Meeting focusing on scripting the PSA will take place on Tuesday October 2 from 3:15-4:45 at LFCHD South (2433 Regency Rd, Lexington, KY 40503).  All who wish to attend are welcome.  Please email Karma Bryan if you plan to attend. karmacbryan@gmail.com
  • Winburn Middle School DARE: Winburn would like to continue their elementary DARE program through Middle School.
  • Awareness and Marketing: sponsorships, table cloth, info for events
  • Youth Coalition: need a plan to jumpstart our youth coalition. We need youth at meetings (it is an excused absence) and/or a separate youth group for kids to work on projects that are important to them.  Most importantly, we need a member who is willing to take the lead. 
  • The Well: providing financial support to help keep the shelter running.  We will invite the representative to the next meeting to tell the group more about what they are doing.
  • ENFORCEMENT – TBD: we need to decide on an enforcement project. It would be most helpful to get stakeholders to the table.  Officer Gatewood planned to bring this up at a leadership meeting.

At the November Meeting, we will have a budget spreadsheet finalized so that we can share how much funding each project is receiving. 

Health Promotion Undergraduate students

  • Looking for formal internship opportunities for students (let Emily know if your organization has any opportunities available)
  • Could be a good way to kickstart the youth coalition (have UG students take the lead)
  • Board representation

UK Collegiate Recovery Group

We will plan to approach about board representation

Membership & Retention

Many of our projects this year are providing support for other groups to do their work.  The executive committee chose to do things this way to give us time to work on membership recruitment and retention.  We will keep everyone updated on our progress/activities


  • Create project pages
  • No longer using Basecamp (members were not utilizing it, so we decided not to dedicate funds to maintaining it). Meeting announcements, agendas, minutes, etc will be made available on the website.  Emily is working on setting this up, so please let her know if there are any ideas.


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