DrugFreeLex December Meeting Minutes

Full Board Meeting Minutes

December 4, 2018

Budget Review

Copies of the 2019 budget were distributed and reviewed line by line.  Members who would like a copy of the budget should contact the board coordinator.


Five subcommittees were formed: 1) Youth; 2) Marketing and Awareness; 3) Strategic Planning; 4) Membership; 5) Stigma Reduction.  All members should sign up for a subcommittee before the next meeting in January.  At the meeting, groups will meet for the first time.  A Google Doc has been emailed to members to allow them to sign up for the group or groups they are interested in.  Contact the board coordinator for access to the Google Doc.

Harm Reduction Grant

DrugFreeLex has applied for a harm reduction grant, asking for $20,000.  If awarded, funds will go toward Naloxone Community Classes.


William Wells Brown: Drug Free Day in June- waiting on grant money. Health and wellness event will held in January. This will include a weight loss challenge.

The Well: Looking for future board members. Currently exploring options of getting into the schools.

Overdose Map: This is now available for first responders, Health Department and other social service agencies.

Health Department: 62 participants attended the Community Naloxone class in October at Hope Springs Church. The Health Department is encouraging everyone to get hepatitis A vaccinations.

Bluegrass.org: Currently hiring for a few positions. The individuals hired will begin attending the Drug Free Lex meetings. Staff has offered to help at events, providing a booth or table with information from their Marketing / Community Engagement Department. The Schwartz Center is adding 12 beds. SUD evaluations can be conducted at the Bluegrass.org on Mechanic Street. More programs coming to Madison County in the near future. New centers are open in Eastern Kentucky for pregnant women, on site evaluations are conducted, and job training/ internships are available through Sullivan University.

UK Healthcare: Youth Specific Training Program happening January – July. Training on how to engage substance using youth.

Wellcare: Kentucky Health Waiver starting April 2019. Some individuals will need to work or volunteer to continue receiving healthcare benefits. Open enrollment ends December 15, 2018.

Find Help Now KY: Providers need to sign up online. Also update information when needed.

Substance Abuse/ Department of Agriculture: Monthly support groups available for grandparents as parents.

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