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The health of our community depends on the strength of the bonds in our community. DrugFreeLex is willing to support community efforts to reduce the impact of substance use in the Lexington area through our Community Mini-Grant Program.

The submission window for the 2018 Mini-Grant program is now closed.  Announcements of awards coming soon.


Primary prevention is the most ideal strategy in reducing substance abuse.  This encompasses education the community about the impacts of substance use and the risk factors for developing substance dependence problems.

Learn more about our prevention & education projects


For those struggling  with substance use/substance dependence, treatment is a life-saving resource. DrugFreeLex works to encourage the community to expand access to treatment and supports research to develop more effective treatment options.

Learn more about our treatment projects


The enforcement domain of the DrugFreeLex prevention strategy encompasses legislative policy, community police, and other first responders.  DrugFreeLex works within this domain through advocating for legislative policies, promoting effective community policing, and fostering strong positive relationships between the community and all first-responders.

Learn more about our enforcement projects


The harm reduction domain of the DrugFreeLex prevention strategy encompasses the use of practical strategies, programs, and policies to lessen the negative consequences of substance use while prevention and treatment resources are expanded.  Examples of commonly used harm reduction strategies include Needle Exchange Programs and the use of naloxone.  Strategies such as these help to prevent the spread of diseases and reduce the impact of opioid overdose while providing an additional point of contact to encourage people struggling with substance use to seek treatment.

Learn more about our harm reduction projects

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