Harm Reduction Projects

2017-2018: Needle Exchange Program Sharps Container and Messaging Assessment Project

Over 1300 sharps containers have been distributed through Lexington-Fayette County Health Department’s Needle Exchange Program (NEP).  These containers included information about the signs of drug overdose, treatment resources, housing and shelter resources, and food access resources.  The main goal of the assessment project is quality improvement of this aspect of the NEP.  Feedback on the containers themselves as well as the resources provided was collected from NEP clients for assessment.  This feedback was used to develop new labels for containers that were less conspicious and offered the information and resources in which NEP clients expressed the most interest or need.

2017-2018: Stigma Reduction

The board is working with Lexington-Fayette County Health Department’s epidemiologist and NEP staff to develop a community survey to assess the perception and stigma level of a community needle exchange program. Community partners, such as Voice of Hope would like information from the community about the awareness of naloxone and its purpose.

This survey will be used to inform a targeted communication campaign to increase the knowledge about the purpose and process of a needle exchange in order to reduce community stigma.  The board wants the community to have a clear definition of what harm reduction is and also programs such as the needle exchange impact the health and wellness of the entire community.  The information will also allow community partners to develop targeted messaging about naloxone and its usage.

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