April 2019 Board Meeting

Date: April 16, 2019

During this meeting, members broke into groups and discussed next steps.  I have included a brief summary of each group’s work below.

Youth Subcommittee

  • Working to develop itemized budget for Youth Summit
  • Transportation was a major expense last year – looking into options for transportation this year
  • Plan to meet with T.C. Johnson to go over Youth Summit plans
  • Plans to revamp resource fair (this did not work well last year)
  • Plans to survey students before and after event
  • Targets of Youth Summit include: mental health, coping mechanisms, suicide prevention, drug use prevention

Strategic Planning

  • Develop speakers bureau to send out in order to satisfy requests for substance use education in community
    • Need to include money in the budget to pay for speakers
  • Include funding for fentanyl test strips
  • Job fairs/ training/employment

Stigma Reduction

  • Develop business cards for needle exchange (hours/location, what to do if you see an OD)
  • Fund overdose prevention event
  • Workplace training for second change employment
  • Develop survey to address community hesitance/stigma around NEP

Marketing & Awareness

  • Bailey is working on design of brochures, shirts, business cards, and pens
  • We need photos – if anyone has any please send them to me!
  • Upcoming events we plan to attend:
    • Police Picnic – May 18
    • Public Safety Day – June 12
  • Ideas for future events:
    • Lexington Legends
    • Goal to attend at least 1 event each month
  • Plans for next FY budget:
    • Boosting FB posts: $200
    • Sponsorships/paid booths: $500
    • Promotional Materials: $1000
    • (brochure holders, website domain, etc.): $300
  • Consider student intern to help manage social media, attend events, and take photos.


  • Members of this committee were unable to attend the April meeting.

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